Online education is free.

Rajapaksa, Minister of State for Digital Technology and Enterprise Development has called on the Government to expedite the project of providing free education through e-Thaksala free of charge to all children in the country who…

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Demands increase in gas by 700 .. Government says it will study closely ..

The Consumer Affairs Authority has been requested to increase the price of a domestic gas cylinder by Rs. 700. Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena states that no approval has been given so far and a committee…

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Why does shoulder pain occur?

Shoulder pain is a condition that is often reported by many people. What causes this shoulder pain? Our shoulder is made up of muscles, ligaments and bones, as well as the shoulder joint. Confusion in…

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Here’s how to make women beautiful, legs attractive

Many women care about beauty. But most women think of this image only as a face, hair, etc. Although her face is beautiful and she has peacock hair, it is difficult to say that she…

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European Parliament passes resolution to abolish GSP + for Sri Lanka

The European Parliament yesterday passed a resolution to consider removing the GSP + concession being granted to Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the European Commission will soon begin work to consider extending the concession to Sri Lanka….

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Chairman bulldozes public cemetery

Ginigathhena Ranjurawa, which is under the control of the Ambagamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha, will bulldoze a portion of the 100-year-old public cemetery used by the residents of the area during the travel limit imposed by the…

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Sneak peeks out of wind farm ..

Seven persons have been arrested for cutting off a consignment of cables belonging to a wind power plant under construction in the Talaimannar area, Talaimannar Police said. Among those arrested was a private security guard…

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Negotiations to recall retired nurses on contract basis

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa instructed the Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi at Temple Trees today (09) to re-employ retired nurses on a contract basis as required. The Prime Minister made this observation at a discussion…

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Corona to a Member of Parliament who came to meet the Prime Minister .. Corona investigations for those who meet the Prime Minister

A Member of Parliament who came to meet Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has been diagnosed with corona infection. It was MP Cader Mastan who was diagnosed with the corona. This was revealed during the antigen…

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Living With Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 – A Wishful Thinking

There is no other option except to live with the new corona virus now that it has become commonplace in our modern lives. I just detailed the preparatory measures that one must follow when living…

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