The Secret Alien Agenda and the Stupidity Virus

With all the proper allusion to legend, Magic, metaphor, and perhaps even an attempt at symbolism, the “secret alien program” is a cosmic conspiracy. There is no intention to make any reference, directly or indirectly, to the illegal encroachment on human property across the sovereign borders of various countries. In addition, the “stupidity virus” refers to the state of transmission of human interaction in relation to regressive trends, in order to avoid rational, evidence-based analysis.

In postmodern societies, it is argued that facts, the weight of evidence, and scientific verification are often rejected in favor of emotional interaction when making an anti-social comment. In order to satisfy the positive stimuli of selfish intentions, through serious self-control, the power of deliberate hostility hinders the progress and progress of the human race. In short, human civilization rules out its own demise.

Many complex factors, deliberate, purposeful, and deliberate, conspire and conspire to cause the sixth great extinction on the planet. According to one report in a well-known publication of a nationally recognized geographical institution, this question is asked of readers. Will humanity survive the next global extinction? The answer is probably no, if stupidity has reached epidemic levels and stupidity is on the rise.

In three-dimensional comic costumes, the characterization of this deliberate planetary exploitation is presented in a fairy tale. Together with colorful characters, the fairy tale story as well as digital art depict the adventures of a valiant government agent. Her task is to expose the “secret alien program” of spreading the “virus of stupidity” among the stars. Naturally, there is a lot of enemies, including the mad scientists, the corporate elite, robotic entities and politicians.

Of course, the interesting aspects of all this are the banter over cheesy social commentary. Silly and unethical guesses permeate social media, supposed 24/7 news cycles, talk shows “Talking Heads,” and reflect a reflection of the narcissistic pool of ” two-dimensional thinking.” This representation of the mysterious descriptor of “2D thinking” stems from the storyline of the famous Starfleet movie. This refers to the darkness of evil in a malevolent nature, as well as the inability to think creatively, with the logical application of rational analysis. Moreover, a major research center with a long history of U.S. government research has conducted a major study on the subject.

Accordingly, the above study has confirmed what may be called the “corruption of truth,” the increasing erosion of dependence on facts and evidence, critical thinking, and insistence on well-defended views. Rather, fiction over facts prevails over social relations and the prevailing claims to authenticity. Emotional interaction with unadapted tendencies to protect self-control with constant appeals to the fallacy of conclusions. This, of course, gives superficial credibility to hasty generalizations that border on racial, ethnic, sexual, and political divisions.

Thus, a figurative statement of the “secret alien agenda”. It is cynical and aims at ridiculing stupidity, selfishness, and transcendent self-interest. Not only that, but also self-centered arrogance and selfishness that strain the boundaries of trust. However, deceptive assumptions and ambiguous concepts, in the absence of evidence, are widely accepted. In addition, along with ignorance of historical events, stupidity raises serious potential. Simplifying the problem of free thinking reduces the likelihood of meaningful speech.

Unfortunately, most people are not history buffs and do not learn from important historical crises. Thus, human nature does not indicate significant changes, and people do not change much over time. As for evil, it is simply the addition of the illegal, illegal, and average zeal of some people to others. Again, thinking is blatant selfishness caused by deliberate stupid behavior. Stupidity also refers to lazy thinking or lack of critical thinking from a constructive point of view and declares sympathy for others, contributing to the common good.

In order for a company, due to a lack of gratitude or reverence, or perseverance or progress, a large number of people pretend to be truly selfish. For this, the echo, the reflection of the corresponding load, exposes the essence of self-developed ascension. Unable to rise to higher levels or higher peaks of nervous excitement, the death of the self-willed covers the grave from which the dead rise even stupider than before. Fighting the constant raging storms of ignorance is flooding institutions from the merchant ship to the other port of academic science. Stupidity undermines reality.

Stupidity also represents other descriptors where people generally commit the safe, convenient, and discrete mediocrity of stupid behavior. Some may argue that there is a social loss of something called Common Sense, or a lack of it. The term used here is used to illustrate how these intentional behaviors negatively affect social culture. Absurd, frivolous, and reckless guesses, whether in the media or in politics, accelerate human transmission.

In addition to the terminology used to describe the transference state of the human race, “aliens” are involved in explaining the state of persistent irresponsibility. Blaming others, objects, entities, tools, unknown forces, unscientific “diagnoses”, mobile phones, the Internet, etc., can evade responsibility. Acting stupidly and finding suitable excuses for ignorance or someone’s fault, including criminal, avoids the responsibility of personal responsibility.

Factionalism, sectarianism, and the” alienation ” of the population continue to escalate into innumerable contamination by all sorts of simplistic guesses. Of course, to distract yourself, the act of pollution is applied in several ways. For example, if a person has ever worked in a riding stable or on a farm, the act of contamination involves removing manure or other waste from the animal stall. This is a specific aspect of removing something dirty or useless from the environment.

To expand the use of the word a little further, if social media, political campaigns, or news reports are perceived as “slime,” then perhaps dredging up “verbal feces” is appropriate. The unofficial British app refers to something useless or useless. Despite this, the illustration is aimed at a thriving state of passive and condescending behavior. Too much interaction leads to a conflict situation. This is one in which almost every verb or verbal exchange is potentially perceived as offensive to someone or a group.

To avoid disturbing childish tendencies or self-developed emotionality, false claims of politeness also encourage the elimination of chronicled thought processes. By committing comfortable ignorance, you do nothing to advance the human race, but promote the safe mediocrity of fiction over truth. Modern errors of inference, turning into hasty generalizations, accelerate the decline of the rational-logical search for certainty.

The modern “Fable, Fiction and Fairy Tales” continues to publish a collection of fairy tales that demonstrate individual and collective personal shortcomings. In the postmodern era, while some still blame Satan’s obsession for people’s bad deeds, others find plenty of scapegoats, such as alien conspiracies. To sanctify and justify various mitigating measures, aliens in space become backstage criminals plotting world domination. The Internet source of “alternative news” quotes the researcher’s statement that the United States has a special agreement with a certain group of foreigners. According to the source of knowledge, this device allows foreigners to conduct experiments on humans. Referring to this statement, the allegorical allusion led to the general concept of a “secret alien program and a virus of stupidity”.

As for the need to rise above the primitive corruption of intellectual indulgence, the extraordinary efforts of the psychophysical energy are directed to individual enrichment. Despite this, while a few intrepid enthusiasts embrace learning as well as personal identity, most are willing to accept the comfortable non-invasive level of the status quo of mundane mediocrity. In this area, many will find it easy to succumb to less reasonable prospects. In the social flow of technical stupidity and mindless self-satisfaction, emotional interaction is horrified by the hasty generalizations and divisions thrown at judicial behavior.

At the same time, in real science, and not in the fake genre that exists in academia, such as the fields of “social research,” some astrophysicists scoff at the idea of aliens visiting planet Earth. For some scientists, humans are probably too stupid for external interaction. On the other hand, maybe they want stupid people for other purposes, such as Natural resources, agriculture, “herd” production, etc. Show warnings along with a warning to be careful about what you want. The way people relate to everything is important in some statements related to strange observations of people. Thus, the concern of some scientists is that when humans colonized part of the plant, they exploited the indigenous population in the study area. Then followed the subjugation and enslavement.

Figuratively speaking, for the sake of banter and fun at the terrible errors of reasoning circulating on social networks, as well as the prevailing supposedly news reports, the virus of foreign stupidity is rapidly spreading. After injection, ingestion, or other damage caused by contact with body fluids, the level of idiocy increases. So much so that serious discussions, debates, or analytical discourse become increasingly degraded, the deterioration of interpersonal communication is tragically transmitted. Again, this is just an indication of the current situation regarding the erosion of intellectual processes.

In the age of technical innovation, many people stumble upon the formulation of a reasonable and rational basis for effective psychodynamic research. Critical thinking is becoming more complex than ever. From the point of view of the advancement in technology, a small group of creators to develop these intelligent robotic inventions. These people are intelligent, but, again, they are subject to varying degrees of stupidity as soon as they leave their domain. In contrast, the vast majority do not invent progress in a number of scientific endeavors. Instead, the masses of the population are simply consumers. Moreover, consumerism is extremely obsessive and voracious.

From a possibly more sinister point of view, depending on your guesses, this remark has repeatedly confirmed the collusion between the media and marketing. Sales, advertising, and consumer-focused promotions are relentless. The sources of the so-called news media also belong to large corporate structures, as well as companies that sell products. Large multinational corporations, also with foreign investment, promote and flood telecommunications facilities with incessant barking to buy, sell, absorb, consume, and” dismantle ” material goods.

While not all businesses, companies, or business ventures should be viewed as “evil,” with sinister collusion between “alien galactic” powers, most can be viewed as dangerous self-service. Which is not for the common good and has no great utilitarian value. Among the networks of the rich, the elite, and the politically connected, a small portion of the population hierarchy controls the majority of material resources. It also includes a strong influence on decision-making, individual and collective. When people give up on self-development, stupidity becomes easy.

Again, the plot of “Alien Galaxy” is a figurative adaptation of the deliberate and voluntary sabotage of the population, in which less worthy people can control it. Everything imaginative mocks the “anti-thinking” full of emotional interaction. For the lazy, indecisive, and magically inclined, especially the uncreative and marginal thinkers, it is not difficult to achieve a tyranny of power, control, and domination. A thoughtful look at most politicians and a broad assumption of widespread social stupidity can be made.

Thus, the virus of “someone else’s stupidity” is increasingly moving from one subjective political ideology to another. In the age of self-perception, narcissistic contemplation through the glass of vanity adequately reflects the stupid arrogance of modern politicians. A number of legendary characters can serve as suitable prototypes. Moreover, the non-hidden agenda contained here is that there are no excuses for stupid, incompetent, incompetent, and other stupid behavior. The realization of free will excludes protection and mitigation, on the contrary. The person is purposeful, misleading, and intentional in their antics.

The deterministic misconceptions accepted by some schools of thought in the world of “social research” serve as a virgin argument for deliberate dilution. So the alien stupidity virus is a good legend to explain the illegal and illegal crimes of anti-social selfish pain. In a culture where any” psychiatric diagnosis ” is appropriate, everything is justified. Simplified concept, projecting a deceptive guesswork, easy to explain to a secret intricacies.

In the fight against the virus of stupidity, after a short incubation period after transmission of the pathogen, emotional interaction and dismissive condescension replace reason and rationality. Facts are replaced by an overwhelming trust in feelings, rather than hard evidence. From a shocking point of view, given the possibly cynical, maladapted thinking at the primary level, it’s probably good for a grossly out-of-control consumer culture. For many who are not inclined to deep critical analysis, prefer simplified thinking and instant gratification, limited views are more compatible with complacency.

According to some commentaries on contemporary social issues, the environment in Western societies portrays the illusion that eternal hope springs from a utopian ascension. The variety of circumstances suggests otherwise, and points to the transference of the human species. The charges relate to issues related to the state of education, as well as political processes in which people seem to increasingly lack areas of critical thinking. Supposedly, few researchers tend to conclude that the general population shows a certain “brainlessness” that makes it difficult to solve social problems. The virus of stupidity is spreading.

With a “zombie” population, social, political and economic interaction becomes increasingly complex and contradictory in terms of the progress of the human race. Currently, across the broad spectrum of the mainstream, the stupidity factor reflects a tense and temperamental overreaction to the slightest hint of disagreement. The confrontation culminates in intense Close Encounters of any kind, in which violence may break out to ensure someone’s immediate satisfaction.

Any reference to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” as historically assumed in the sci-fi film genre, is a passing reference to the divisive condescension that infects social media. Often philosophical battles enter the picture, which in the end tire the good intentions of the opposite. Some people get bored in the endless process of thinking about whether there is such a thing as common sense. Thus, to practice a deep sense of selflessness in devotion to a mature and conscious perspective requires due diligence in hard work.

Maturity, growing up, the behavior of an adult taking on the responsibility of responsibility, requires a special kind of courage. Unfortunately, the whims of youthful narcissism are quickly satisfied, and insistence on superficial self-affirmation prevents you from being a genuine person. To take advantage of the bold opportunities to transform and become the best version of the original imperfection requires exceptional valor, as well as a lifetime of commitment.

In contrast to the assumptions of maturity, in a “crying baby” culture with a “snowflake” society, speculation suggests that the stupidity virus is susceptible to mutations. In a magazine article a few years ago, a social theorist wrote about the “morbid loser” trend that is common in modern American society. Instead of uniting the loyalist opposition, when one of the parties loses an election, the trend is riots and destruction of property. Instead of promoting unity and general well-being, he prefers to shout, smoke, and sow discord. In the propaganda of the frivolous nature of the viral infection, from the counter-thought to the “ethnic victim”, the regression of the person continues.

In this process, some often hear the use of convenient virgin precursors for illegal behavior. This includes things like” clicked”,” lost”, or” picked up”, as well as other simplified descriptors. Many others used are broken, cracked, broken, and raised. While in it, it may well throw up a little or bite, like a zombie virus, very similar to an alien viral infection. However, do not stop there. Demonic possession also includes. Use every wrong mitigation, statement, apology, or alibi. Similarly, there is a rationalization of intentional deviations through mental diagnosis. Forget about scientific validity or proof of evidence. The crying culture demands an apology.

For a secret alien program, the spread of the stupidity virus is, figuratively speaking, a parody of the anti-thinking emotion of the crash culture. To satisfy selfish rationality, ignorance is an internal caricature of personal ridicule. With all the extraordinary potential for self-realization, or even higher in enlightened transformation, many waste their creative ascent. The refusal to grow up, the constant survival of the child, the persistent repetition of reflexive images of oneself are the central features of a society heading for collapse.

The progress of the human race requires great innovations in solving problems, in building together. Pro-social institutions, designed to strengthen the bond between all on the basis of a fair, selfless and mutually beneficial contribution, persistently avoid serious consequences. However, for humanity, in all likelihood, time is running out. Gluttonous conspicuous consumption beyond the ability to regenerate and regenerate has succeeded in reaching the point of no return. At the same time, stupidity takes refuge in intolerance, inequality of all kinds, exploitation of the environment, arrogance of ignorance. Condescending chatter spews negativity all over social media and the main purported media outlets. Instead of being guided by facts, false statements are disguised as “evidence” to support the deceptive fallacies of inference. The devout medium is increasingly showing signs of a secret alien program and the spread of the stupidity virus.


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