A tusked elephant was shot in the head and its tusks were cut off.

Mulliyawalai Police have arrested two persons for shooting dead an elephant and cutting off its tusks in the Kalamurippu Reserve in the Mulliyawalai Police Division in Mullaitivu.

The 20-year-old tusker, who was about 8 feet tall, was shot in the head with a locally made firearm at the Kalamurippu reserve and had two tusks cut off.

Mulliyawalai Police and Mullaitivu Wildlife Officers arrested two suspects while they were planning to sell the tusks.

The suspects were found in possession of a saw, a locally made firearm and an ax.

The two tusks, which were about 4 feet long and were found in the possession of the suspects, were later found to be the tusks of a dead tusk.

The arrested suspects are aged between 30 and 32 and are residents of Mulliyawalai.


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