Scream and let go of your impulses. It is good for your health.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to control our emotions, thoughts, and emotions. When under stress, it can be difficult to control your emotions. At such times, some hold their feelings in silence, while others shout and express their feelings. Both of these behaviors can affect our health in many different ways.

Spontaneous silence
Some people are automatically silenced when they are afraid to express their true feelings. What often happens here is that they are afraid that their ideas will hurt their loved ones. They also fear that their relationship with them will break down if they express their true thoughts. In such cases, some keep their emotions to themselves to avoid arguments and fights.

The study was conducted by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) in North America. It was attended by 304 married women who were nearing or after menopause. Some of them have reported that women suppress their feelings for others and hold back their ideas and impulses for fear of breaking up the relationship. Women with such behaviors later suffer from diseases such as constipation, cholesterol, obesity and stress.

Screaming reduces stress.
In this research, the number of times women expressed their anger and happiness was calculated. The researchers found that women’s emotions were better expressed in those situations. It was revealed that women who expressed their feelings more often were in better health than others. Also, those who expressed their anger or emotion out loud had better mental health than others.


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