Do you have any of these symptoms that indicate that your body has high estrogen levels?

Estrogen is a primary hormone that controls the function of the female reproductive system. It also causes sexual dysfunction such as breast augmentation, armpit hair and the menstrual cycle. It is important to keep this level normal, as rising estrogen levels can lead to cancer.

Causes of high estrogen levels
Normally, estrogen levels in a woman’s body naturally rise during puberty and pregnancy. But other external factors can also cause this. Our diet is one of the reasons for this. Foods that contain different flavors cause estrogen levels to rise in the body. So when buying food, it is important to find out what ingredients they contain and whether they are good for the body.

If you have any of the following symptoms, it could be due to an increase in estrogen levels in your body. So be careful about these.

01) Changes including swelling of the breasts

Breast augmentation is a common condition experienced by many women during menstruation and pregnancy. This is because the breasts are hypersensitive to hormones. But if you suddenly feel more swelling and pain in your breasts than usual, this may be due to high hormonal activity.

02) Mental level instability.

The hormone estrogen also affects your mood and your emotions. Imbalances in the hormone estrogen can make you stressed. You can be overly impulsive. You may be unusually sensitive to feelings of sadness and happiness.

03) Emergence of breast lumps

When there is an imbalance of the hormone estrogen, blisters or small lumps may appear on the breast or the breasts may appear cracked. If you also have this condition, it is best to seek medical advice.

04) Excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss is another symptom of estrogen imbalance. But there are other factors that can contribute to hair loss. So if you have other symptoms along with excessive hair loss, it may be due to high levels of the hormone estrogen in your body.


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