Massive land grab in the North

A special discussion was held in Jaffna by a group of Tamil political party leaders in the North alleging that archaeologists, security forces and contractors were attempting to plunder the lands of ordinary people in the North.

Representatives of the Tamil National Alliance, the Tamil People’s Alliance and a group of Jaffna University students also participated in the discussion which was held at the Nallur Youth Cultural Hall in Jaffna.

The participants in the discussion said that most of the land grabs are taking place these days in areas including Mullaitivu Kurudumalai and Nilavarai and Kandarod in Jaffna and that the government is also involved in this.

They also said that the process of naming the ancient places of worship of the Tamil people as archeological sites was taking place and that the Tamil people were suffering due to the assistance of the archeological officers and the security forces.

It was also decided at this discussion that the government will continue its struggles until the government takes immediate action to stop unnecessary archeological excavations and land acquisitions in the North. has.

Members of Parliament T.K. Siddharthan, CV Wigneswaran, former MPs Mavai Senathirajah, E. Sir Wanabhavan, Suresh Premachandran, M.K. Party representatives including Sivajilangam and a group of Jaffna University students were present.


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