Bear attack on farmer… Friend saves farmer and hospitalizes

A farmer has been hospitalized after being assaulted by a bear in the Mannankandal area in the Puthukudiirippu police division in Mullaitivu last evening (25), Puthukudiirippu police said.

Two farmers were on their way to a paddy field in the Mannankandal area when one of them was attacked by a bear that had suddenly entered the forest.

When the farmer was attacked by the bear, the other friend attacked the bear and rescued his friend.

Doctors at the Mullaitivu Hospital said that one of the farmer’s fingers had been broken due to the bear’s attack and that his condition was not serious.

The Mullaitivu Wildlife Office has been informed that farmers in the Mannankandal area were afraid to go to the paddy fields due to the bear attack on the farmer, police said.


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